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Need Gutter Cleaning in North Oaks, MN? Lions Share Maintenance is proud to service North Oaks , MN for Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Siding Cleaning, Power Washing and Holiday Lighting Services!

How long has it been since you Gutters and Downspouts were Cleaned? Full service Gutter Cleaning in North Oaks starting at just $125.00

Dirty gutters can cause problems like, stress on your roof and fascia, sagging gutters and the potential for water to get behind  your siding. Most homeowners don’t realize that gutter cleaning is not only affordable, but makes a huge difference in the functionality of your gutter and downspout system.

Our technicians are fully certified and trained through nationally recognized organizations to make sure that Lions Share Maintenance meets the standard of work that our customers deserve.

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, someone else may have already asked!
How can you provide a bid without coming out and looking at my home?
After mastering the services we provide we have created systems to our pricing to make it simple for everyone involved. About 85% of residential services can be bid right over the phone with one of our office staff by looking your home up on Bing Maps or Google and asking questions about your home that will help us price your job. More complex jobs , homes we cannot view online or certian services may require an in person bid. Want in an person bid? No worries 🙂 Give us a call and we can set a time for one of our crew leader to come out and meet with you about your project.
How long does an "average" job take to complete?

Our crews can complete an average work order in about 2 hours, but it defpeds on the service provided. Below is a chart of how long an “average” job takes to complete

  • Window Clenaing: 1-2 hours for 20-60 windows for interior and exterior cleaning. Exterior only cleaning takes about half as much time and interior and exterior cleaning
  • Siding Cleaning: Depending on the size of the home, it can take about 2 hours to wash a house. Vinyl homes can ususally be washed faster than stucco homes. The larger the home, the longer it can take to wash.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Some gutter cleaning jobs can take 1-2 hours, some can take only 10-15 minutes. This depends on how full the gutter system is with debris. Homes with gutter guards can take longer to complete as parts of the gutter guard system are uninstalled to clean gutters.

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