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Woodbury Gutter Cleaning Services 

Need Gutter Cleaning in Woodbury, MN? Lions Share Maintenance is proud to service Woodbury, MN for Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Siding Cleaning, Power Washing and Holiday Lighting Services!

How long has it been since you Gutters and Downspouts were Cleaned? Full service Gutter Cleaning in Woodbury starting at just $125.00

Dirty gutters can cause problems like, stress on your roof and fascia, sagging gutters and the potential for water to get behind  your siding. Most homeowners don’t realize that gutter cleaning is not only affordable, but makes a huge difference in the functionality of your gutter and downspout system.

Our technicians are fully certified and trained through nationally recognized organizations to make sure that Lions Share Maintenance meets the standard of work that our customers deserve.


This is How WE Clean Gutters  

Not every company is the same. Lions Share Maintenance created our Unique 7 Point Inspection to make sure your Gutter Cleaning job is done THE RIGHT way.

  • Clear gutters of all debris
  • Check that rivets are secure
  • Inspect the systems pitch
  • Downspouts are snaked and flushed
  • Hangers and Suspension checked
  • Water flow test
  • Check all seals for leaks

Every technician on the Lion’s Share Maintenance team is industry-certified and fully trained on the latest Gutter Cleaning methods. We focus on your gutter system working properly. Our crews will make sure that all debris are removed and that your gutters are cleaned properly. We will clean up any mess that we leave behind. Water is used on all gutter cleaning jobs to make sure the downspouts are flushed

How long does a gutter cleaning job take to complete?

Gutter Cleaning jobs can take as long 1-1.5 hours, other homes take as little as 20 minutes to fully clean the gutters and downspouts .

The length of time a crew spends at your home can vary on different factors…  

Some gutter issues can be solved by simply removing a handful of debris covering a downspout.

On certain homes, the entire gutter system is packed with debris  and takes hours to clean. There is no way of telling how dirty your gutters are until we get up there and see. 

All of our gutter cleaning work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have prior to booking your Gutter Cleaning job.

 Lions Share Maintenance is Fully Insured. Certificates available upon request. Or Call (651)330-2810 

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