When it comes to winter, fast maintenance is required to prevent small things from turning into expensive and time-consuming repairs. One of the things you may not immediately notice but needs to be dealt with quickly is ice dams. If you have an ice dam on your home, business, or rental property, Lions Share Maintenance will be there to help

Ice Dams form on your roof when water from melting snow meets the ice in your gutters and downspouts. As more water runs down your roof, it meets the ice and builds up. It doesn’t take long before the ice builds up, and the water has nowhere to go. 

With nowhere to go, the water can then force its way under shingles and tiles, causing expensive water damage inside the building. The last thing that anyone wants to be doing during the cold winter months is spending time climbing up onto their roof to fix ice dams and repair damaged roofs. 

The good news is that companies like Lions Share Maintenance have an experienced and professional team standing by to help you remove any ice dams that have formed on your roof. They’ll start by removing any excessive snow build up on the roof to identify the ice dam’s extent clearly. Next, they’ll clear the ice dam, so water has somewhere to go without building up on your roof again. 

If you would like a 100% free, no-obligation quote on any ice dam removal services, don’t hesitate to contact Lions Share Maintenance. We have proudly been servicing the Twin Cities area in Minnesota for years, and we’d love the opportunity to help you. 

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