4 Ways to Spot Subpar Janitorial Services

As a Top Rated Cleaner in the greater Twin Cities area, we frequently hear from prospective clients who are unhappy with the services being provided by other companies. A common question that small business owners often ask is how best to tell if you’re getting good service and results from your cleaning company. Here are four things to look for to help you determine if your janitorial company is doing a good job.

Do they follow a checklist?

Consistency is key to quality janitorial services. As the beginning of the contract, the company should have established expectations and developed a list of what gets cleaned on a Depositphotos_8909910_s-241x300daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This checklist provides a guideline for their staff, an inspection list for management, and an overview for you of things to take a closer look at. Ask for a copy of the checklist and find out how it’s being used.

Do they pay attention to the details?

Consider the list of tasks that you’ve entrusted to your commercial cleaning company. These might include, for example, washing and polishing interior windows. An easy way to tell if the company is doing a good job is to examine these areas for detail cleaning. Are the window sills dusted and cleaned? Has any metal on the windows been polished? Do seals show that they’ve been cleaned recently? If not, you may be dealing with a company that doesn’t pay the right attention to detail.

Do they offer customer service?

Another aspect of making sure that you’re getting the best experience possible is evaluating the customer service. Do you have a phone number that you can call if a concern arises at any time? Does the company offer a portal that lets you see reports of the cleaning? Ensure that the company you’re dealing with offers customer service through the method that you prefer, and that someone is available to address your questions and concerns during and after business hours.

Do you have a customized cleaning plan?

Every space and every business requires different levels of maintenance. The right cleaning service will understand which areas are high traffic and high value with your business model, and propose a cleaning schedule that helps your facility look its best. Does your janitorial company customize their cleaning to your needs? Do they offer specific services, such as green cleaning, if that’s important to you? The best commercial cleaning companies develop a customized cleaning plan that suits your business’ needs.

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