The last thing that anyone wants to be dealing with during the cold winter months is excessive snow and ice build-up, which can cause damage to your home, business, or investment property. There are several different things, such as ice dams and excessive snow build-up, which can cause damage to your property if not fixed quickly. 

Lions Share Maintenance should be your first call for all ice dam removal services in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. Our experienced and fully insured technicians will be able to come to your property and take care of all your ice dam removal needs. 

When the snow melts and turns to water on your roof, it runs down and meets ice in your gutter and forms what is known as an ice dam. Over a short period, that can quickly build up and cause water to force its way under the roof tiles and shingles and into your home, causing extensive water damage that’s time-consuming and expensive to repair. 

If you are proactive about removing an ice dam that’s forming on the roof of your property, you’ll be able to prevent water damage before it happens and save yourself a lot of time and money trying to fix damage during winter. 

Our experienced team will start by clearing away any excessive snow that’s built up on the roof of your property. Next, we’ll cut channels through the ice dam to allow water to make its way into your gutters and prevent it from running into your home. If you need assistance with an ice dam, please don’t hesitate to call Lions Share Maintenance

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