HOA – Association Snow Removal

Stop the pain of bad Snow Removal Service


Unlike the weather, we’re both dependable and reliable. If you manage a property in the Twin Cities and are looking to hire a company to handle the snow for your property, home, or business – you came to the right place!

At Lions Share Maintenance, we offer fast, reliable plowing, sidewalk shoveling, as well as salting / sanding and De-Icing services. You can trust us to quickly and safely remove the snow and ice from your parking lots, storefronts, businesses, homes, driveways, and sidewalks. Pretty much wherever the snow falls, we have the means to clear it efficiently, and with care.

Our reliable equipment and dependable employees will be out in the worst weather that a Minnesota winter can bring. Give us the opportunity to earn your business this winter, we’d love to show you how truly hassle free a winter can be.


Lions Share has DEDICATED crew leaders that drive through EACH property after every snow event to ENSURE that all walkways and sidewalks were cleared and that all work is preformed to company standard as well as the standard of the client

Our crews provideo photo documentation on EVERY JOB SITE

Please contact us to set up an appointment with Dave or one of our other crew leaders to see what agreement would work best for your property and snow removal needs

Service agreements

No Tolerance – If it snows, our crews are there. No tolerance agreements include shoveling and salting with a .05′ in response

1″ Trigger – This is our basic contract that covers 1″ of snow accumulation. For those of you that need to be out of your driveway every morning and back in the garage or parking area when you get home from work. Includes salting options.

Emergency Services – Do you do most of your shoveling or snow blowing on your own? Need a 3-4″ in plus agreement in place for the times that you just cant handle the HEAVY snow falls? Lions Share Maintenance snow removal services have you covered. We keep a list of emergency agreements in St.Paul for strictly heavy snow falls that you cant cover on your own.


Here is a helpful link to the City of St.Paul’s new shoveling guidelines passed in 2012 – http://www.stpaul.gov/index.aspx?NID=918

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