Snow Plowing Twin Cities

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal in Twin Cities & St.Paul

If you want snow removal in the Twin Cities for commercial lots, we will not deny our snow services based on lot size. We are prepared and have snow removal equipment to work on all lot sizes and sidewalks. Our Snow plowing in the Twin Cities will have a specially designed contract that meets your requirements. Our snow removal services will leave you worry free over the winter months.

We will arrive quickly to come and snow plow the parking lot. Lions Share Maintenance has a variety of equipment for snow services that is used to clear the snow off walkways and parking lots. We have use plow trucks to plow private lanes, condos, apartments, resident and commercial snow plowing.

For snow removal on large commercial parking lots in Twin Cities and St.Paul we will use skid steer and snow plow trucks to promptly clear the snow off the lot. The snow will also be cleared from all sidewalks and entrances of the building.

We use a tractor snow thrower, snow blowers and shovels to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The snow will be pushed to the best spot for the property. Because we use a skid steer to plow snow on large commercial parking lots we can pile snow higher and can push the snow back in the grass so snow piles do not take up parking spots.

Also a skid steer can plow more snow than a normal snowplow trucks. This will allow us to move the snow to the best location for your parking lot quicker and not direct the snow off to the side or on islands where they can begin to lose parking places.

If our client wishes we can even haul snow off site to keep all the parking spots open if we run out of room to make snow piles.


Lions Share Maintenace locates the snow piles off the concrete and at the lowest point on your property, this way you do not have to worry about losing parking spaces or your parking lot turning into an ice skating rink when temps raise above freezing.

Although, nothing can stop Mother Nature from freezing rain, we are prepared to counter this by applying de-icing products before precipitation to prevent the development of bonded snow and ice.

By applying deicing products before a storm, will help prevent a bond from forming between the pavement and snow or ice. This will allow the snow to scrap clean and will not be compacted or icy as cars drive over the snow. Then the snow will scrap clean when a plow goes over it.

This will keep customer safe walking.

Lions Share Maintenance is your local snow removal companies for commercial snow plowing in the Twin Cities from plowing, shoveling and de-icing. 

Please contact us to set up an appointment with Dave or one of our other crew leaders to see what agreement would work best for your property and snow removal needs

Service agreements

No Tolerance – If it snows, our crews are there. No tolerance agreements include shoveling and salting with a .05′ in response

1″ Trigger – This is our basic contract that covers 1″ of snow accumulation. For those of you that need to be out of your driveway every morning and back in the garage or parking area when you get home from work. Includes salting options.

Emergency Services – Do you do most of your shoveling or snow blowing on your own? Need a 3-4″ in plus agreement in place for the times that you just cant handle the HEAVY snow falls? Lions Share Maintenance snow removal services have you covered. We keep a list of emergency agreements in St.Paul for strictly heavy snow falls that you cant cover on your own.


Here is a helpful link to the City of St.Paul’s new shoveling guidelines passed in 2012 –

Maintaining a large parking lot or walkway for a shopping mall, condominium, apartment or commercial building in the winter can be stressful and time consuming – especially for property managers in the Twin Cities. That’s why Lions Share Maintenance  offers one of the fastest and most reliable snow removal service packages for commercial property managers in Minnesota. Our expert staff at Lions Share Maintenance, backed by a fleet of brand new, regularly maintained snow removal equipment is on standby for our clients all winter long, so we’ll always be there when the snow and ice start to cover your parking lot or walkway.

When you sign up for a season-long snow removal contract withLions Share, you have access to our full range of snow removal equipment and services, which include:


  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Removal
  • Commercial Salting for every sized lot
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