If you have been searching for ice dam removal services in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Lions Share Maintenance should be your first call (651) 371-6549. Our experienced and qualified team members can come to your home or business and assist you with ice dam removal services. 

When water from melting snow meets the ice at the base of your roof and gutters, it can freeze and form an ice dam with nowhere to go. As the ice dam gets larger, the water has nowhere to go, and it can force its way under shingles and tiles and make its way back into your home, causing extensive water damage. Excessive weight on your roof from snow and ice can also cause expensive damage to your gutter and roof area.

Our experienced and professional team can come to your home or business and assist you with fast and safe ice dam removal services. We’ll begin by carefully raking any snow away from the edge of the gutter. Next, we’ll use a safe and effective solution to carefully melt a path through the ice dam to allow any excess melting water to drain away safely through the gutters and downspouts. 

Early prevention and removal of ice dams are crucial to ensuring that you don’t have any internal water damage to your home or damage to your guttering and roof. If you believe that you need ice dam removal services, then our experienced and professional team is standing by to assist you. Call us today at (651) 371-6549 to organize a free, no-obligation quote on any ice dam removal services.

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