What You Need to Know About Restroom Cleaning

The state of your office or store bathrooms is one of the areas that customers and employees consider carefully when rating the cleanliness of your business.

One study, conducted by Harris Interactive, revealed that 50% of customers who feel a bathroom is dirty will tell other people and 3 in 10 customers would stop patronizing a restaurant due to a dirty restroom.

From sticky floors to a lack of toilet paper, there are a number of issues that can frustrate bathroom users.

Here is a quick (link)checklist to ensure your facilities are the cleanest they can be everyday, and that your current commercial cleaning company is doing top-industry work.Depositphotos_2371226_s-225x300

Restock Paper Supplies Daily

Depending on what paper supplies that you use, these levels should be checked and resupplied at least daily. High traffic bathrooms with many users may require a more frequent schedule. Other items that should be restocked include tissues, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products. Lack of supplies is a highly frustrating issue that’s easily avoided with a bit of planning.

Toilets and Sinks Cleaned Daily

Your cleaning schedule should require that your toilets and sinks to be thoroughly cleaned each day. The interior and exterior of these appliances should be fully scrubbed and disinfected on a daily basis. This may be one of the single most important factors to reinforcing the overall perception of cleanliness in the bathroom. It’s also an effective way to minimize spreading germs.

Floors Should Be Washed

Other floor areas of your office may not require a full wash each day. But your janitor should fully wash the bathroom floor every day that he or she is on site. Thoroughly washing your bathroom’s floor is sanitary, reduces dirt, and eliminates any potential sticky residues that customers find especially off-putting.

Odor Control Solutions Are In Place

Think of your bathroom from the user’s perspective. Does the space offer adequate ventilation? If not, talk with your commercial cleaning company about providing other odor control options. Scent neutralizing devices can be inconspicuous and help create the sensation of a clean, pleasant environment.

Remove Trash Daily

Clearing out the trashcans and the toilet-side bins in your office bathroom should happen daily.

An overflowing trashcan, even if it’s just overflowing with paper towels, is a major visual cue that your cleaning may not be up to a customer’s standards.

Ensure that your commercial cleaning company is emptying all trash bins, as well as removing any visual debris as part of their daily rounds.

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